Rules of Engagement: Read Before You Comment!

There are two very important things to know before commenting.

First, please remember the statement on my about page: This is my personal blog, not an official Google blog. Please stay on-topic. Don’t post feature requests, comments or complaints about Google+ on posts which aren’t about Google+; I’ll delete them and consider you a spammer henceforth. Instead, go over to Google+, in one of the many posts where I or someone else from Google is talking about related things in the product, and talk to me there. Or if what you have is feedback, use the “Send Feedback” link at the bottom right of each Google+ page: that’s much more likely to lead somewhere than injecting a random comment into a thread.

Second, this blog does not shy away from contentious areas of religion and politics — in fact, it tends to plunge straight for them. The people reading here vary across the entire spectrum; from the far left to the far right (of several different countries), from clergy to militant atheists. Part of the purpose of this blog is for people from all of these sides to come together and find out what each other think about these issues, and engage with them on hard questions.

With that in mind, the basic rules of engagement are those of civility. The usual stuff: Do not troll; do not flame; don’t engage in ad hominem attacks; treat the other people on this blog with respect. Remember that this is a fairly smart audience, and you’ll get much further at convincing people with well-thought-out arguments than with rants.

Avoid losing your temper. Yes, I know this can be difficult; but do it anyway, or if you must lose it, do it elsewhere. It’s hard to discuss these issues when people are yelling. If people start to lose their tempers, I will ask them to cool off.

And finally, I reserve the right to maintain this environment with all the tools at a blogmaster’s usual disposal — mercilessly closing threads, deleting comments, and banning people as needed. It’s rarely needed; let’s keep it that way.

Published on July 8, 2010 at 14:36  Comments (4)  

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  1. Hi,
    The reason I joined your blog:
    -I enjoyed your post on history of religion on G+.
    -I do have similar profile and interest like yours somehow.
    -I do respect classy and smart comments from anyone with honest vision and go to the point personality.

  2. Hi YONATAN i have found one bug on google+
    i can’t upload image, and if i delete it, appears a “ban on access” image.
    is your joke, true?

  3. With rule 2 in mind; God wants me to send you this message: Come to Jesus. The correct bible is the AKJV or AV 1611. (Psalm 12:6) Baptists tend to have this bible. also non-denominational. Stay clear from all other bibles (and their proponents). I’m using currently. If you would like more information, contact me. He is the only one true way to GOD that you may be firstfruits, or God’s elect. (The first to enter Heaven.) I didn’t understand the world until I became a deeper Christian. subtil God bless you. -Jonathan

  4. Interested to hear your comments about the coup happening in our government. As a refugee from the former Soviet Union, and as a long time investor and student of emerging and frontier market economies, this looks all too familiar. In search of like-minded people who seek to fight the overthrow of our democracy.

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