The Blog Is Now Here!

As of now, my blog is here at; the old LJ blog is now idle.

There is an LJ syndication of this blog at zunger_rss, for those who want it.

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Protected: Politics posts (explaination)

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New filter

Hi everyone,

I’m going to start making a politics filter, to keep various analyses and news bulletins and so on out of the hair of people who don’t want to read that. So if you want on this new filter, comment or drop me an e-mail.

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Well, that should have been obvious…

Simple LiveJournal hack: Add self to own friends list. This allows easy monitoring of comment threads spawned by one’s own postings, without having to pipe it all to e-mail.

I probably should have figured that out earlier.

(Besides, isn’t a certain section of the old Purity Test subheaded “I’m my own best friend!”?)

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ah, bootstrapping…

OK, so I finally gave in and set up a livejournal. Its purposes are still quite experimental, since I’ve never really used one of these before.

But note: after spending 5 hours in a lab with a giant blue neutron source and 20 freshmen, it’s very hard to think of something coherent to write.

Not like I’d necessarily have something coherent to write otherwise, but it’s worth noting nonetheless.

OK, this has been a test. Continue about your normal business.

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