Bizarre reading material of the day

The Return of the Goddess, by Joseph Michael Linsner. Imagine if pagans wrote Jack Chick tracts, and illustrated them as hypersexualized pin-ups.

Okay, imagine if pagans wrote the sort of Jack Chick tracts in which, midway through the story, Jesus shows up with a shotgun and start blowing away the enemies of the Lord, while teaching edifying lessons about the true meaning of faith.

Strange. But OTOH — had a day of progress at work today (finally…) and managed to talk to some senior people about my project, and get them interested. That’s very good, and not at all common… I think the last time I talked to someone senior about my work was a few months ago. (Dammit, aren’t advisors supposed to communicate with their students a little more often? mrph…)

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  1. *giggle* I SO gotta see that… raised Southern Baptist, currently a happy Pagan grrl… must see hypersexualized tract. 😀

  2. Well, be forewarned: This is not, repeat not, something I would hand to someone in order to convert them. (Some of his other works are much better bits of pagan religious literature, even if just as hypersexualized 🙂

  3. *grinning wickedly* so what would you hand someone in order to convert them?

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