And now, back to reality…

Well, on the subject of weekend postmortems… I can’t quite feel the boundary between yesterday and today, but that’s mostly because I just did another 6-hours-in-the-lab stint. The last one of the year! Yipee!

(Random discovery: The easiest way to adjust an old-fashioned spectrometer is to hyperventilate yourself, put your hands so that they grab the tube but cover your eyes so that you can’t see anything but the lens, and hold your breath for a few minutes while you move parts around by very gently tapping on the sides of the damned thing.

I think that a strict Freudian could find some interesting interpretation of that, apart from acute frustration at this machinery)

This has just been an incredibly busy weekend. Friday was the Gangrel outing to the woods, organized by darklingrose. No role-playing whatsoever materialized, but I’m kinda glad about that — there was something just wonderful about both running around in the woods and having to do so in a somewhat covert manner, sprinting from shadow to shadow and keeping low to the ground. It would have been spoiled by having to be in some character, especially one who wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much as I did.

(Confession: I’m basically some sort of woodland creature.)

The weekend itself: My first con. Yes, I’ve officially been devirginized. And I had quite a good time, which is probably closely correlated to not having any particular expectations for what was to happen. (Well, also aided by the fact that there were a lot of people there that I wanted to see, and none that I wanted to avoid — though there was one person I briefly mistook for an ex) High points: time spent of several sorts with jrpseudonym and tyrsalvia, and roaming conversations (at separate times) with Hans and merovingian. The lecture on the Templars was also particularly good.

Monday: The Experimental Baklava(TM), and the BBQ at Autumn’s. Conclusions on these:

(Pause in the writing: There was just a noise outside my window like a cat being grabbed away by a large bird. I have no idea what that was. It sounds like an omen of something, although its interpretation I leave to others)

Autumn’s party: Good stuff. Small gatherings are best, and the conversation was much more interesting than it can ever be at a larger affair. Even though, as some others have mentioned, toilet humor was still a significant part thereof. Felt revived rather than wiped out afterwards, which is not my normal response to a party.

The Experimental Baklava(TM): Needs work, but I think I now know enough that the next one will be better. That will be a very long time from now, though, because I can still smell boiling honey if I close my eyes.

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  1. I would like to state for the record that all the toilet humor was not started by me… Perpetuated, mayhap, but never started…

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