Well, that should have been obvious…

Simple LiveJournal hack: Add self to own friends list. This allows easy monitoring of comment threads spawned by one’s own postings, without having to pipe it all to e-mail.

I probably should have figured that out earlier.

(Besides, isn’t a certain section of the old Purity Test subheaded “I’m my own best friend!”?)

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  1. rather than laughing at you i will just smile at you from a distance.

  2. you’re neat
    You know you bear a certain passing resemblance to Logan from Dark Angel?

  3. Re: you’re neat
    I have to admit I’ve never heard that before. But then again, I haven’t heard of Dark Angel before, either.

  4. Re: you’re neat
    hmmm . . . slightly effeminate, scruffy, friend of strong women, tech geek(? guessing, haven’t actually seen the show) . . . sounds about right.

  5. Re: you’re neat
    Total Tech Geek. however, he’s missing the wheelchair.

  6. mmm Logan
    He’s also got the same face structure, a similar way of smiling for pictures, his eyebrows are the same, his hair is nearly identical…and he doesnt need a wheelchair, Logan can get up and about some without it…or he could, before they cancelled the show. But hey, if you had to choose, employment, versus Jessica Alba, wouldn’t you say he got a pretty good deal?

  7. Re: you’re neat
    Easily fixed . . .

  8. Re: you’re neat
    Umm… eep?

  9. Phbbbt.

  10. hey, i’m just standing semi-smugly over noticing for once i’m not the last to notice some techno-feature.

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