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First item on this page, sorta kinda work-safe… I can only hope that the woman in question is making this up, and working on the assumption that in Britain, it would sound normal.

OK, I really hope that she’s making this up.

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  1. Have Gary tell you his chicken story sometime. (she said cryptically)

  2. *ahem* I would think a “chilly bird” would be a wee bit too cold to get frisky with it. Then again, guys and their [censored… I can’t believe I was just about to write that. Never mind.]

  3. What the $#@%?
    I’m MUCH, MUCH more disturbed by story #3, “Sperm Learn, Turn”.
    My little guys CAN learn?!? WTF?
    This is DEEPLY disturbing.
    I think I need a drink.

  4. Re: What the $#@%?
    oh, it’s much, much scarier than that.
    They can (and do) also band together and “make camp” in little crevices, sending out smaller groups every so often to search, for up to eight days…
    fear THAT. I sure am thankful for my pills!!! *giggle*

  5. Re: What the $#@%?
    I’m just getting the strangest mental picture now, of a small sperm encampment behind trenches, with a grizzled sperma-sergeant (wearing a helmet, of course) leading a band of scared young sperm on a reconaissance mission, their rifles in hand with bayonets fixed…
    Hey, maybe this is where Newt Gingrich got his ideas about giraffe-hunting!

  6. Re: What the $#@%?
    heh. yah, I got a similar mental image when I first heard about that.
    and I think Newt got his ideas from an alarming lack of good sex.

  7. Why would she be making that story up? Seems pretty plausible; he was doing the cross-dressing thing during it, right? And from my thorough education in British culture (c/o Monty Python), isn’t that what all Brit guys do when they’re doing something kinky? 😉

  8. Re: What the $#@%?
    I wonder if there is correlation between the navigational abilities of sperm and of their donor . . . and does navigation ability get passed on to the resulting offspring?

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