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Another news story — in particular the second of the two, which brings up the questions:

  • What sort of idiot would participate in that?
  • What sort of fetish makes people wish to watch that?
  • And do I really want to know the answers to either of these questions?

Hopefully these three questions have piqued your interest sufficiently. I’m going to go run and hide now.

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  1. *LOL* This is awesome! This will show the world that Japanese guys are the most macho out there!! Gotta love that sadistic side the Japanese have…
    1) Guys who really want to be seen as macho and are using this as their last resort. Alternately, guys whose religions don’t allow them to use vasectomy.
    2) Hey, I don’t see this as being much more disturbing than watching guys beat each other up. Who does the kicking by the way?
    3) Of course you do, in case every other attempt to be manly fails, or you can’t afford a vasectomy. 😉
    And this icon seemed appropriate, kind of a before picture…
    (although Captain Avatar has the special badass-Captain aura protecting him)

  2. *giggle*
    I think the main question is how to avoid getting romanticly involved with someone who finds this attractive.

  3. Carefully.

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