Ah, nevermind.

Update to news story: Apparently the rumors of a large-scale attack were false, or at least exaggerated. Certain so-called respectable papers in the Israeli media tend to react in far too large a type to a routine assault; apparently it involved only 12 aircraft and 25 bombs, and was within the range of the ordinary low-level fighting in the area which has been going on for the past decade.

Continue about your business, nothing to see here.

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  1. You know, I’d offer you comfort, but with the current regime, there’s not a hell of a lot of comfort to be offered. I do wish you luck with your paranoia and your insomnia, though. I hope *you* feel better, because the bastard is unlikely to make anything better for the rest of the world.

  2. Very interesting. Guess somebody’s a little too impatient, eh?
    but does the American public agree?

  3. I’m really glad to hear that it was an exaggeration. I hope that this won’t keep you up.

  4. Bzzzzz…
    … except for the… oh, nevermind; it ate the person behind you instead.

  5. Sorry, just random noise. My grandmother read the news story and hit the panic button. 🙂

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