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In response to the huge number of concerned letters and so on I’ve gotten lately about my trip: First of all, thank you to all of you, it does make me very happy to know that there are people concerned about me. Second, stop worrying! The place I’m going to is really not that dangerous. The total violent death rate in Israel, including ordinary murders and terror, was 2.9 per 100,000; the rate in SF in 2000 was 4.3. So even allowing for both sides skewing their numbers to make things look better, it’s still a lot less dangerous than simply going up to the City for a week.

No, the real threat to life and limb in Israel is the traffic. Israelis drive like Italians who have been fed large quantities of amphetamines.

And yes, I will stay off the buses. Just because the murder rate is low doesn’t make one careless.

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  1. Israelis drive like Italians who have been fed large quantities of amphetamines.
    This is supposed to make us feel better? Yeesh. If you can, while you are there, get an email to someone who can update the rest of us or post on LJ periodically. 🙂

  2. Yeah, yeah. And comparing that with the odds of, say, a random bit of cosmic radiation just happening to hit that one molecule, rendering that one organic bit in your brain into some deadly poison, causing you to fall over dead instan…

  3. Personally, I write concerned letters to anyone who’s planning to go to San Francisco.

  4. I’ll say to you what I do to most of my friends going on trips “safe journies.” The actual people running the airline are more likely to kill people these days, so just be careful and try to look innocent to avoid all the extra pat-downs for weapons (unless the attendant is both cute and friendly).
    Bring us back some good stories, and have a good time.

  5. Oooh.. Israel! I’ve got relatives in Tel Aviv and in Haifa. I really enjoyed our last trip to see them, which was over 10 years ago! Enjoy your trip! Even when I saw the gunfire on the border from the kibbutz we stayed in, I felt safe in Israel.. I’m sure you’ll be just fine!

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