Well, that’s it… my paper is finally up on the web, available to the public, now with its very own preprint number, hep-th/0210175. It’s funny, it didn’t feel like it was really sent out until now… there’s just something about seeing my name on the daily papers list that just amplifies the reality.

OK, now to go submit it to a journal…

Updated: And it’s off… submitted to Physical Review D. Plus got to talk on the phone with my father, which is always good.

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  1. Hurray!
    Yay! [bouncebouncebounce]

  2. Congrats! I know I was pretty thrilled about string theory when I first heard about it (or at least the multi-dimensional possibilities as a result of it).
    At some point, I’d love to chat about your work. Of course, you’d have to pretend you were explaining things to a three-year-old. Fortunately, you seem very patient.
    Congratulations, again!

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