Things I learned today

Be more forceful when mixing melted chocolate into the beaten yolks. Similarly don’t be afraid to fold the yolks into the whites more thoroughly. Roll the souffle so it comes out short and fat, not long and thin, since it’s easier that way, and the expansion joints in the cream do a hell of a lot more good.

And damn, it’s a good thing I decided to try a practice cake before the one for Thanksgiving.

To those of you at Buffy night this week: Yes, the experimental cake will be there. I think it turned out tasting reasonably well, but since it’s not going to be tasteable for another day or two, it’s kinda hard to tell. It will probably be very ugly, however.

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  1. *waves* I’m one of the people you met at the party last weekend at and ‘s. I was in on the conversation about statistics and gamma spectrometers. 🙂
    We also talked about my web site — and the barn photo-essay — which are here and here, respectively.

  2. Some of the best culinary creations start out looking really ugly. I’m sure it will be yummy.

  3. *waves back* hi!

  4. uglay don’t matta when it’s in mah bellay!!!

  5. The Uglier and Messier the Better . . .
    . . . when talking about burgers, meat, pizza, and real desserts. ^_^
    I know it’ll be great!

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