Props & such

OK, that rehearsal went well. I’m looking forward to doing this.

For next time:
Clothes for Autolycus and Florizel to swap, including a hat: i.e., Autolycus should wear a sweatshirt or some such and Florizel a button-down, and we’ll swap to make it clear that Autolycus is now dressed as a nobleman. I’ve got a hat.

Disguises for Polixenes and Camillo. Anyone have Groucho glasses? A fake beard? A silly hat? It should be something we can instantly put on and take off, to very visibly indicate “I am now wearing a disguise which is somehow good enough for my own son not to recognize me.”

Some “I am now a king” indicators: Maybe a pair of Burger King crowns? Anyone have any of those?

For that matter, some “I am a nobleman working for X” indicators: Sashes in two different colors would be neat, but probably too complicated. Anyone have any inspiration on what else we can do? (This is useful mostly because everyone’s playing various minor roles in addition to their primaries…)

And optionally, one baby (artificial, by preference).

Also, I think we should do at least the most minimal of actual motions – enters, exits, “Hermione Faints,” “Exit, pursued by a bear,” and so on, to make things make sense to anyone who isn’t holding the script. Shouldn’t be much – the level of complexity should be about ten times less than that of any LARP. (Given that only one thing is going on at once, and that we’ve got our lines written down for us…)

I suggest that next time we read through with these motions, so we can see where people are standing and who’s talking to whom and so on.

Woohoo! Homebrewed Shakespeare!

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  1. Silly hat? I have a silly hat!
    Oh wait… I *always* have a silly hat…

  2. I have a silly silver foam crown you can borrow, and several other silly hats of the medieval variety.
    I also have a plethora of sash things, and could probably scrounge up three or four of two different colors without much effort, and any specific number you need in almost any two colors with only slightly more effort.
    Let me know. :X

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