good moment

I’m grading papers right now, and I just had a student who’s been having some trouble despite working hard completely nail a really difficult problem set. It looks like a bunch of things just clicked.

It’s a really cool feeling when that happens. There’s a sense of accomplishment to having one’s students succeed. I think it’s one of the things that keeps me teaching.

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  1. If this is the guy you’ve been telling me about, that’s awesome! It’s great that he stuck it out.

  2. That’s wicked cool.
    Only one question… Chumbawamba?

  3. (No, it’s not the guy I was talking about earlier – he still hasn’t turned in a problem set in more than two months. This is someone else) And why not Chumbwamba? Good English punk music…

  4. My experience teaching an undergrad (but required) circuits and assembly class had very few highlights. I over-extended myself and tried to do too much. Ah well. I still enjoy teaching. Next time I hope it’s a philosophy class using my “Reader on Mind, Soul and Reality”. The intro is here. It’s all coming to LiveJournal soon.

  5. yay! go you!

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