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I just got asked by my fortune program,

Can priests turn other food into God, or only cookies?

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  1. Hope you don’t mind , , ,
    I made my own poll in response to this one. ^_^

  2. I was very amused by this poll! What an interesting thought before I go play with my new toy. 😉

  3. think about it: a fruitcake is passed around from person to person, accepted graciously yet feared, distrusted, and avoided if possible. it’s giving the gift of love, but in a scary and sort of smitey way (yes, smitey. it’s my word, i’ll use it as i choose). additionally, all fruitcakes are one fruitcake, and the fruitcake is neverending. also, robert (an atheist), would happily eat it.
    the metaphor is pretty amusing, anyhow.
    alternately, i think god should be an apple, because they are tasty and i want one right now…and hey, good symbolism there as well, what with the good and the evil and the snake and the hey hey hey.
    hrm…i haven’t slept yet. can you tell?

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