Movie night

Hi everyone,

Since Will & Cynthia can’t have movie night at their place tonight, I’m offering my place as a substitute. The question is whether there’s a critical mass of people who are interested in coming. For those of you on the Peninsula, it’ll be a shorter commute, since my place is in Mountain View. So even if you’re slightly sick still you may be able to make it.

So those who are interested, please respond:

(Those of you who are interested, e-mail me if you need directions)

(Oh yes – and doors would open at 7:30, movie itself starting around 8, and a food expedition, if such were to happen, would be before that)

UPDATE: For those of us interested in the food expedition: Let’s meet up at Dana St. around 6:15, since more people know the way there than to my apartment. Then go off for food somewhere in the vicinity. Those of you who don’t know the way to Dana St., shame on you, and e-mail me.

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  1. Besides my current state of iguana-hood…
    Feeling slightly better due to Comtrex, and may be able to make it tonight. Could you email me directions? I know how to get to Hans’ place, but not yours…And a time would be spiffy too.

  2. It looks like you’re going to have a lot of giant iguanas on hand. Better get to the store to buy a bunch of crickets for refreshments!

  3. Is your apartment equipped with heat rocks?
    Um I would also need directions

  4. Is this the Americanised [sic] Ultraviolet, or the British one?
    (My back has been giving me all sorts of grief for the past couple of days, so I dunno how up I am to watching something I’m not ultra gung-ho for. :-/ )

  5. (whose DVD’s they are) says they’re the British version.

  6. Ooooh.
    I shall have to consult my back and Dr. Ketoprofen.

  7. Sorry I missed it. Another time…

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