Really, I exist!

To all those of you who may not see me in the next two weeks: Yes, I’m still alive. We’ve just got a major workshop going on where I work (with a few dozen scientists from around the world showing up) and so I’m going to be spending almost all of my time in the lab for the next week and a half or so. I am not avoiding you.

And I will try to make it to Buffy night tonight nonetheless.

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  1. i know i’m on the other coast & don’t know you, but: i thought buffy was a rerun tonight!!! is there a new one???

  2. Nope. But that’s no reason not to have Buffy night anyways. Besides, after a week like this, I need it. 🙂

  3. oh, i *totally* understand. my bf & i named one of our cats Spike Drucillavich… we’re sorta psycho about out buffination. just wanted to make sure i wasn’t missing a new ep! right now, i have bigger & better things to do than watch a rerun: i’m helping organize a Bad Poetry Slam.
    hope your week improves!!!

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