Can anyone interpret this?

I found this on the IBM jobs web page. Fairly standard job offer, apart from a slight oddity in the second paragraph.

I’m going to assume that this doesn’t mean what I think it means. Does this have some other sort of meaning in the computer industry, or in government contracting?

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  1. How… odd. I can’t think what else it might mean, but isn’t that discrimination if they mean what we think they mean??

  2. First it states:
    “…with life style poly preferred.”
    Then it states
    [Required] Education: Bachelors Degree/Equivalent Experience
    Poly? A bachelor or equivalent “experience”? It seems like a *lot* of people I know might qualify for this!

  3. I made a query to IBM about it to clarify what they mean this morning after Yony showed it to me. I got a form letter saying it has been passed on to the appropriate person. I’ll let you know when I get an answer. I’m really curious about this, too.

  4. That is… surreal. I can only guess (and hope) it has something to do with travel. Interesting that the summary at the top specifies “no travel” but the text mentions “50% travel”.
    And I thought “security clearance…top secret” was something one usually acquired *after* getting a job. How many super-spies are job hunting at IBM?

  5. Well, not if it’s a qualification for some aspect of the job… *ulp*

  6. Maybe they meant you have to like polynomials or polygons and a lifestyle involving a lot of math or shapes is required.

  7. I can’t believe they’d be that square… *ducks*

  8. Don’t make me go down this path, or I may have to cream you with a flying pi.

  9. Bet you $100 it’s short-hand for life style polygraph. As in, they’re going to grill you about your life beforehand with a polygraph.
    Yes, polygraphs are stupid and don’t work for folks that are trained, etc. etc. etc.
    But no, I’m pretty sure it’s not what y’all are thinking/hoping. 😉

  10. I thought that, but polygraphs are already required for Top Secret clearance, and that’s listed as a requirement while the poly is only preferred…

  11. Lifestyle polygraph
    They’re not asking for just TS clearance.

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