Strange days…

Well, I take back what I said about having no clear post-war plan: the Washington Post is reporting that there is a plan to establish American rule over the area, and it seems pretty clear that we’re going to need a fairly strong American rule if we’re to prevent the Kurds from asserting any autonomy and thus causing problems for Turkey.

Why do I suddenly get the feeling that a lot of Americans are about to get a nasty lesson in just how nasty middle eastern politics can get? I hope we’re ready to be as brutal as Saddam Hussein or Hafez el-Assad – because otherwise we may find ourselves in a very long, drawn-out series of internal conflicts, ending in the need to retreat in disgrace. Not to put too fine a point on it.

And speaking of nasty shocks: There’s a rather amusing article in the NY Times about the people who volunteered to be human shields in Iraq. My favorite part is the guy evincing some suspicion that Saddam’s offer to position them in power plants and so on may not be entirely in their best interests.

I’m not sure whether to be horrified or twistedly amused by this. I’m really wondering at what point it will occur to these people that Saddam’s standard operating procedure for human shields is to use them to increase casualties during bombings, so that it plays better on CNN. Yet another Quick Intro to Middle East Politics…. *sigh*

(And just for extra shits & giggles – apparently we’re invading the Philipines, sending combat troops to fight against Abu Sayyaf. Oh, good, this is an excellent time to be opening a few more fronts. I was worried we might not have enough.)

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  1. ::shakes his head and mutters to self::
    Ok, so what I’ve been trying to figure out is why the administration is doing this. I just can’t see that they’re this bloodthirsty or stupid. Granted, the media can make him look like a monkey, but he can’t be THAT dumb and make it into that office…
    So what’s the gain? Or is it all just an elaborate scheme to keep people focused away from stuff at home? Or is it a bunch of advisors with their own agendas to push that are keeping things moving like this?
    I’ve lost a lot of respect for Powell during this whole fiasco. I really thought that he was above it.
    I’ll take a whole long line of Monoca Lewinski’s over this, any day…

  2. One of the protesters I saw Sunday had a sign that said, “I miss Monica Lewinsky.”

  3. LOL!!

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