Successes for the day

Spent the morning in the coffee shop, getting work done; then spent an excellent day with gaaneden, walking, eating, watching the Kenshin OVA, and generally spending some quality time together.

Now the evening has been spent eating bread, cheese and olives, working on a computation to show why the current project isn’t likely to work, and looking back at some of the moral issues I was thinking about at the cafe earlier. I think I’m closer to an explaination of some of the key ideas I’m looking for about the nature of divine benevolence and the existence of evil. Need to clean this up, then enter it into the main philosophy log book.

I think some coherent picture is starting to emerge in that logbook, about the moral philosophy of good and evil. It’s funny how putting down ideas over a period of time can lead to some sense spontaneously arising. At some point I may have to restructure it into something human-readable. Right now I pity anyone who tries to parse it.

Also have some preliminary ideas on how to translate (in my copious free time, of course) verse 28 of Cohen’s “Book of Mercy” (the one that begins “You who pour mercy into hell”), especially after a conversation with Monte on words for “hell” in Aramaic. It’s very cool to have the sorts of friends one can discuss things like this with.

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