*twitch* *twitch*

Someone had a bit too much free time.

Semi work-safe, may leave mental scars

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  1. augh!
    *stabs own eyes out with spoon*

  2. *Aaaiiiyeeee!* OMG! How could you post a link to that?!

  3. Thanks for the warning…. 🙂
    Um… wow. That so just didn’t register at all. My mind skipping the eye-gouging stage and just went directly into “someone put a monkey’s head on girls.”
    Later it kinda registered it was “W”, but then, my mind just refuses to really contemplate it. Self-preservation is a nice thing.

  4. that’s…disturbing.
    But ignoring that link, do you want to get together and talk game stuff tonight? Give me a call or message me..I don’t know your messenger ID or phone number.

  5. Somehow you managed to avoid seeing that when I posted it last month, eh? 🙂

  6. *convulse*
    Oh holy mother of god…put it out of it’s misery, please!

  7. Depending on how busy I was, I may not have followed the link…

  8. Well, the upside is that now people are swearing at and not me anymore. 🙂

  9. Phbbbt!

  10. *gigglefit* oh I must be high to find this amusing… so very well done… and I thought it was a monkey’s face too… and you must really hate us all to post this, Yony… ;P

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