War updates

Some random news items: The House of Commons voted 396-217 to support Blair, despite some restiveness within the Labour party. The attack seems momentarily stalled due to a major sandstorm (the first of the season) in the south, which makes tank and helicopter missions basically impossible. Current weather forecasts predict it will pass by Wednesday, and remain clear for three or four days following that.

There are unconfirmed reports about the extent of US motion within Turkey now that their government has joined in the war. Have heard that 4th Cavalry is presently deploying to there, allowing heavy armor to join in from the north, and there are even less confirmed rumors that Turkish military forces will indeed be entering the North along with Americans. (This is something long-expected but I’ll file it under “rumors” for now since I can’t get a clear confirm on it)

The Kurds appear to be heading for the hills, not that I blame them.

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