Interesting discovery…

Some recorded music uses stereo rather extensively: The two sound channels don’t sound much alike at all. You don’t notice this quite as much on speakers as you do on headphones.

Apparently, when I listen to such music on headphones, if I wear them the “right” way the music sounds slightly choppy and disorienting – but if I flip the headphones, so the right channel goes to my left ear and vice-versa, the music suddenly sounds completely natural. Apparently ear dominance is a real and easily detected thing.


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  1. If you have good speakers placed sufficiently far apart – as in, more than 8′ or so – the stereo seperation is much more noticable. Ideally, you aim them towards one particular sweet spot instead of letting them diffuse in parallel.

  2. Interesting. I am mostly right-side dominant, but usually am left-eye dominant.
    Maybe that’s why I am so goddamn clumsy.

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