Well, it’s now 2:30, and I’ve spent most of the day nursing sick computers. Right now I’m trying to get RAID to restart, which is proving to be an unnecessary pain in the ass because of some really poorly designed software.

I really hope I can make game tonight. I really do.

(Incidentally: If you’re trying to send me e-mail, it may be a while. E-mails aren’t being lost, but until the system is working again there’s no way for me to receive them. Yes, I am the head sysadmin for the server where I get my mail… sigh…)

Update: Well, the system is working again, and I may well make it to game tonight. Of course, none of the backup systems are working, so my weekend just got more interesting…

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  1. 🙂 OK. I’ll just call you about dinner/etc tonight.

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