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The previous post on words came out of a half-dazed idea for a game. (As in, I was half-dazed at the time…) A bunch of Greek words of the sort that can be used in English are written on cards and placed in a hat. Words that can only be used as prefices are marked as such, like “eu-” (“good”), but other words are just given in their full form. (“logos”) Each card has Greek text, English rendering, and possibly notes on meaning.

Then everyone takes turns drawing two cards out of the hat and assembling an interesting word out of them, defining the word and using it in a sentence or telling a short story to illustrate its use and meaning. Bonus points for style. This game should probably be played while drunk.

So the words in the previous post were some imaginings of what might come up under these circumstances.

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  1. Unrelated note: Is this the thing you were telling me about?
    You’re right, it’s super cool.

  2. Yup. Here’s their web site: link

  3. I think this is why we were introduced. A fellow Greek Geek.

  4. Ah yes, I believe so…

  5. I don’t know who introduced you, but really it should have been because you’re both highly-intelligent super-rad people. :}

  6. I believe it was Angyl. But whoever it was, I’m not complaining. 🙂

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