So while I’m waiting for the interview, some random words that popped into my head last night while sleep-deprived:

Cryptoglossia n. Secret speech, conversation in code; e.g. “The blue dog howls at midnight,” or the dialogue of secret in-jokes between lovers.

Eschatolalic adj. n. One who rambles incoherently about the end of the world; the madman on the street shouting that the end is near, or on occasion a politician’s speech.

Ichthyopneia n, infl. form: pl. same as sing. An (intrinsically) nonexistent thing, or a dream-thing; like a box of moonbeams, or a lost city.

…and dammit, I’m really wondering when I’ll get that call back…

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  1. *hugs* You will.

  2. 1. Good luck!!!!!!
    2. I love the first word. That’s, like, a daily activity with me and .
    3. I read the second word at first as “Eschatoholic”.

  3. 1. Thanks!
    and 3.
    Eschatoholic adj or adj n, dependent on the upcoming end of the world to get one’s jollies. An occasional condition among political leaders.
    (As Kissinger said, “power is the ultimate aphrodisiac;” and as Carlin replied, “…so I guess the bombing of Vietnam shows what it takes for him to get it up…”)

  4. Which of course begs the question: Is eschatolalic cryptoglossia ichthyopneia? Or are apocalyptic prophets really speaking in code?

  5. *shiver* Don’t do that!
    Big words make me all…melty.
    (But does that mean the anything box is an ichthyoneia?)

  6. oooo
    that’s so rad.
    *fierce grin*

  7. Here’s how big of a gaming geek I am:
    Reading those words inspired me for trying to find ways to create storylines based around those words and their meanings.
    Gah. I suck. 😉

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