Well, I just finished the preliminary assembly of my thesis: the papers have been stapled together, the master TeX files designed and carefully tweaked to meet university standards, and so on. All that’s really left to do is to write the intro and similar stuff, and print it out nicely. Oh yes, and defend. And find a job.

But draft 1 now exists, 118 pages. The final version should be somewhat larger, maybe 130. Very short for a doctoral thesis, but those are very dense pages. Fortunately, nobody will ever have to read them.

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  1. It is always good when concrete process is made. I love that feeling.

  2. 1. I’ll read it, even if I don’t understand a damn word. And ask (hopefully) not too stupid questions, even.
    2. Proves you can write and all that. A significant completed work like that goes a long way when they ask you for writing samples and such.

  3. I really wouldn’t bother reading it – if nothing else, it’s just the stapling together of 7 of my 8 latest papers, together with an intro section that I haven’t read yet. The fancy TeX source is probably the most exciting part.
    If they want a significant written work, I could hand them several hundred pages of far more interesting material, like my teaching materials…

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