…And the clock begins.

Well, I now have a final schedule: Oral defense May 20, final copy of thesis due June 4, commencement on June 15. Thesis is looking good, needing only acknowledgements, an intro and possibly a preface. (When does one need both? What should the preface contain? Hmm…)

Wow. This is starting to seem (frighteningly) real…

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  1. *sweet* Now that you have it all scheduled, you can direct your panic nervous energy in specific directions! Yay! This is awesome. All appropriate dates are added to my notebook.

  2. You’ll do smashingly!

  3. Is it possible to get a copy of the final product?
    I’m sure it’ll be a fascinating read.

  4. Well, if you really want I can send you the final images (once they’re finished) – but I doubt they’ll be all that exciting to anyone not in the field. Actually, the chapters are just published papers that you can find on the web here; the only extra stuff in the final form is an introduction which I’m working on now, and some fancy formatting.

  5. Cool dood.
    I’ll check it out.

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