Here goes…

Next interview now firmly scheduled, this Thursday at 3. This one in person, with a group of people.

From now until then: Work more on thesis, study more C++ and CS theory of various sorts, mull over algorithms and techniques and why computers work the way they do. How problems are approached and dealt with.

Also: Think about idea for a major open-source project to solve problems in C++ by defining a proper foundation kit for the language. I think I know something I may wish to do over the next indeterminate time period.

Absorbing a new area of knowledge is fun. I haven’t had a chance to do this in a while.

Here we go…

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  1. The reason I got into computers in the first place was because it seemed to be a reasonable balance between pure intellectual theory and applied development.
    One thing that has always amused me is how even the topics I used to turn my nose up in CS have become pretty mainstream. Compilers? Bah… when would I ever work on that (at Symantec, big issue, at Apple, big issue, and nowadays I’m hoping to avoid writing a language processor for my web app… long story). 3D Rendering? Bah… (oh yeah, and then 3dfx comes out, and every game out there has 3D). Operating systems? Bah… never get a chance to actually work on one of em’… (oh yeah, and then Linux goes mainstream).
    No sirree, clearly the future is Mac OS. (Now a dead environment that runs as a compatibility process on Mac OS X… while I write everything in Java).
    Oh, never mind. Let me go ramble in the corner for a while now…
    Ahh, yes, the point…? CS is fun AND useful! 😉

  2. blah
    Life is an algorithm. I sware. Watch it. Just stop for five seconds and try to see it. Unfortunetly it is flawed. Bad code.

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