OS X is da shit.

So hansandersen and I were drinking coffee, and we got an idea for an OS X program. Since then we’ve written and debugged it, and by tomorrow PM we should have a distro ready. It provides command-line access to the clipboard: you can copy and paste, and you can stick it in the center of a pipeline, so a copy of your data gets forked to the clipboard.

It’s one of those simple little things that’s remarkably handy. (On my old NeXT there was a command-line ‘copy’ utility; somehow it disappeared in OS X…)

The fact that we could go from conception to completion in under 2 hours of work, including feature creep, is really damned neat.

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  1. You were so cute last night in the throes of being a feral scientist. *mwah*!

  2. As someone planning on writing an application that ports to win32, linux, and OS X, I’m curious what language you used.
    But I’m going to guess at Objective C?

  3. Yup. Although this was very non-object-oriented Objective-C; we were using it mostly to interface to the OS frameworks. The code itself is written C-style, pretty procedurally.

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