Work avoidance behavior

Just finished the latest rev of the terminal clipboard utility for OS X. It now can read inputs from files and URL’s, and correctly handle text, raw data, and images. Further formats (PDF, EPS, …) to be added later. It’s starting to be pretty useful, although there’s still a minor annoyance: If your data is anything other than text or raw bits, you have to explicitly tell it so. (If you don’t and copy an image, then paste it elsewhere, it’ll paste the bits of the image as text rather than an image… this has to do with some aspects of the way OS X clipboards work. Need to play with it more to teach it to identify data types.)

If anyone feels like beta-testing it, let me know. It’s handy if you use the terminal a lot.

Update: And thanks to a random inspiration, it now can try to guess what kind of data something is, although it’s a bit slower that way. OK, this is now really in the realm of work avoidance.

Fortunately, I also got some productive work done today, like writing the outline for my oral defense…

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