Guinea pigs wanted

For those of you who use OS X and the terminal pretty regularly: I’ve got a program that meshes the terminal in with the clipboard (providing copy and paste to files, URL’s and pipes) which is ready for beta. If any of y’all are interested, comment here or drop me an e-mail.

Published in: on May 12, 2003 at 16:11  Comments (4)  


  1. Heh. Talk about serious work avoidance… *hugs*

  2. Yo, like me and stuff. Bring your laptop tonight, fileshare it over?

  3. You should like, you know, post it to a web site and stuff. Even if just for a “closed beta”.

  4. I’m actually going to do just that, once I have time. Sometime in the next few days or so.
    (At the moment the beta version has no installer, even…)

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