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Well, no turning back now…

PhD Thesis Defense

Candidate:  Yonatan Zunger
Advisor:  Leonard Susskind

Tuesday, May 20, 9 AM
Varian 3rd Floor Conference Room

Building Branes Out of Matrices

We examine the set of objects which can be built in type IIA string theory by
matrix methods using an infinite number of D0-branes. In addition to
stacks of ordinary Dp-branes and branes in background fields, we find
exotic states which cannot be constructed by other means. These states
exhibit strongly noncommutative geometry, (e.g., partial derivatives on them
do not commute) and some are conjectured to have Z_N–valued
charges similar to those of the type I D-instanton. Real-valued charges are
forbidden by Dirac quantization, leading to a nontrivial relationship
between noncommutative topological invariants.

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  1. Wow, I have no idea what your thesis is about. I’m impressed!
    Good luck with the defense!

  2. I’m sorry that I didn’t understand a darn word of that thesis, but I’m proud of you! You’ll do great.
    best of luck!

  3. I understood the first eleven words of the abstract! I think this is going to be a common reaction though.
    Break a leg!

  4. For second I thought you/they had misspelled brain in the title, then I realized I have no idea what a brane is.
    Break a brane!

  5. Okay, I was dramatic…
    I understood the first 11 words too.

  6. Sweet! It’s finally scheduled! You know, based on the several discussions I’ve had with you about this stuff – especially in the propulation system for Regresser’s Evolution, I think I almost understand the most basic idea of what that Abstract says. Sorta. I think I would have to have you show me diagrams again. In any case, good luck and I know you’re going to do well. *hand to heart*

  7. I don’t know what Z_N orbifolds are. Waaaaaaah!
    (I always wanted to know what the fuck the imaginary components in wave equation probabilities meant. I only ever got the answer “well, we throw those components away.”)

  8. Cool! Good luck 🙂
    When will you be presenting the non-physicist version? 🙂

  9. There’s actually a pretty simple answer to that. Ask me sometime when I’m not in a panic. 🙂

  10. Next time I’m drunk at a party near a chalkboard, and somebody asks? 🙂

  11. Good luck, hoss.

  12. Good luck, godspeed, steady hands.

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