Um… wow.

I didn’t realize this until the end of class today. Today was my last class to teach at Stanford, and the last one I’m going to teach in the foreseeable future.

It’s pretty hard to describe my current emotional state. I really hope my kids turn out well. I’m not sure how I’m going to function without teaching more of them.

But it’s an immense change. I didn’t really expect that today. It’s like signing off, turning off the lights, and heading off – but more so. In some ways I’m feeling accomplished, that I’ve done fairly well as a teacher, and my students (7 years’ worth of them now! Some of my students’ students are graduate students already) have done well; I’m immensely proud of all of them, and I can still remember them in ridiculous levels of detail, what each one was good at, and so on. So in that sense, it’s a bit like getting promoted to a new and very different rank; I’ve successfully done these things, left a real impression, and am going on to something new.

But mostly, it’s just an incomprehensible shift. I’ve been a teacher for a long time now, and stopping that is really difficult to fathom.

I need to get some new students, of some sort or another.

Sorry, I’m rambling at this point. I can’t really write a coherent sentence right now. But… um… wow.

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  1. *hugs* Big changes all the way around. Doors closing lead to doors opening. I have a couple of ideas for new teaching. I’ll tell you about it soon.

  2. What can you teach other than physics?

  3. Well, I suppose anything that I know or can learn quickly enough to be able to fake it. Which (especially the latter) leads to a pretty wide range of subjects.
    But at least for now, no teaching – I’ve got to get myself set up in the new job etc. first. Then, perhaps, taking some good students….
    (They call me magister, doctor, no less, and for some ten years, I would guess, through ups and downs and tos and fros I’ve led my pupils by the nose… 🙂

  4. When do you start?

  5. Not sure yet. It’s still not completely set – I’m waiting to get the offer letter itself, hopefully in the very near future.

  6. Ah, very cool.

  7. It is always a little frightening to face the unknown.
    You’re very capable. You’ll do well wherever you decide to go.

  8. *big hugs* I’m very excited for you. I don’t know what lies ahead for you, I don’t even know if you do, but I know you’ll do well. Good luck.

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