The new job is starting to feel real. I got asked yesterday “What username and machine name would you like?” (Yes, that makes things more real. The answers were zunger and hasufel, respectively. And anyone who can recognize the latter picks up some geek points.)

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  1. Dangit, you’re eating up all the suitable laptop names! I call dibs on Roheryn.

  2. It’s very cool having a unique name. I like my user name at Micro$oft.

  3. Hmm… looks like I’ll have to reserve Asfaloth, then. Or maybe Rochallor.

  4. Well, it’s good to know that I’m surrounded by geeks…

  5. BTW, congrats on the new job! What will you be doing? (Besides playing with acres of hardware…)

  6. Not set yet, but it likely will involve algorithms and/or missile launch codes.

  7. That one horse.

  8. You jest… at Google?
    Or is that just part of your super secret identity?

  9. And I feel like a box of rocks…
    That’s what I get for avoiding Tolkien like the plague…

  10. Well, I jest about the latter, not the former. My job will probably involve algorithm design, but its details will be about as closely guarded as missile launch codes. (Well, they probably won’t expect me to wear a hollow tooth, but you never can tell…)

  11. Heh, and I just got to name my GPC Cthulhu. Fortunately I’ll be leaving before I have to teach all the non-geeks to pronounce it.

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