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Riots in Iran: this is potentially important, whichever way it ends up playing out. Iran has been moving slowly towards a crisis for a while now. If the “good guys” win, that could turn out to be very good for pretty much everyone in the world apart from the Ayatollahs; if they don’t, there’s going to be a bloodbath.

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  1. I worry that the hardline ayatollahs are going to take it out on Khatami; the same thing has happened before. :-/

  2. Yeah. This one smells… I dunno, this situation smells more serious, sort of like the run-up to the August Coup in the USSR back in 1990. Like something’s about to happen, one way or the other. The Ayatollahs may decide to crack down, or they may suddenly find themselves in over their heads; or it may just go back down. Hard to guess…

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