I have now been officially indoctrinated. And now, I’m going to… bed.

Update: And now I’m much more awake, feeling strangely at peace. And realizing that it is a far, far better thing to be indoctrinated than inculcated. (I believe that’s what they do to proctologists)

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  1. Congratulations, Dr. Zunger.
    I thought inculcation was when they made you work at the UC Berkeley student radio station?

  2. Simon
    If you are awake.. YOU ARE INSANE> Go to Bed Dr, Zunger.

  3. Congratulations, Dr. Zunger! So, how does it sound? (trying to keep all corny “playing Doctor” comments to myself…)

  4. Hey, as of yesterday, I am no longer playing doctor. 🙂

  5. Simon
    I dont believe that for a second. Just Doctor and patient right Y?

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