A wee bit political?

From this week’s NY Times food column in the magazine:

“I’ve never subscribed to the marketers’ description of monkfish as the “poor man’s lobster”… If you see a whole monkfish at the market, you’ll find its massive mouth scarier than a shark’s. Apparently it sits on the bottom of the ocean, opens its Godzilla jaws and waits for poor unsuspecting fishies to swim right into it, not unlike the latest recepients of W’s capital-gains cuts. So it has in common with lobster only reprehensibility of character.”

Sometimes the food column gets kinda weird.

In fact, so long as we’re on the subject of odd news quotes, this one’s from Nerve’s Carrie Hill Wilner:

[I]t was reported this week that a company called Real Men Outdoor Productions Inc. has begun offering “Bambi Hunts,” in which Las Vegas-area men pay $10,000/hour to shoot naked women with paintballs. I suppose this should provoke some sort of feminist rage in me, but in all honesty, this is too weird to be sexist. It’s just apocalyptic.

Yeah, that’s about right…

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  1. Simon
    Too weird to be real.. Owner admitted it was a hoax 😉

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