For the record: C++ has about half an ass worth of support for actual object-oriented behavior.

I miss Objective-C.

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  1. Ooh! Ooh! Language fight!!!
    I still miss Pascal. 😉

  2. I still miss assembler…

  3. But not a binary?

  4. Hey – at least you have stdlib, stdio, and string.h. And a real network library.
    Programming for Palm OS is like trying to repair a tiny clockwork watch – on a desert island. With a hammer.

  5. ::twitch::
    I’ll take C, C++, Visual Basic, C#, .NET Managed C++, or Assembly (RISC or CISC) any day of the week over pascal…

  6. Hmm. I’ve been using WabaJump (compiles Java to native 68K Palm) and been pretty pleased. Of course, I’ve had to fix a bug or two in the waba classes, but all in all, fast performance, GC, and rumor has it some networking, though I haven’t looked at that yet.

  7. RISC assembly? Sounds like a job for a development team composed of two cats and a small army of hamsters on crack. 😉
    A lot of people hate Pascal because of having to take it in school. I used an old development tool called THINK Pascal that did all sorts of wonderful stuff (in particular, an incremental compiler built in to the editor that did live formatting and error-checking… in *1993*).
    No Java?

  8. It’s got half an ass now of OOPness? wow, it’s getting better.

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