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You probably don’t want to read this one. Those of you who prefer to avoid politics almost definitely don’t want to. If there’s anyone who does – it’s about the work of dealing with the aftermath of yesterday’s attack in Jerusalem, and in particular how hospitals and families are coping with the large number of children among the casualties.

Not quite sure why I’m posting this. It’s not exactly a happy-making thing. Just something that’s on my mind a lot this past day.

(Side note, in response to something musae said yesterday: “getting used to it” involves very little numbing of the emotional responses, unless you really want to numb them. Some people do. It’s more about being good at dealing with them and getting on with one’s life and the tasks at hand. I have no idea how social workers and ER doctors handle it. They have my deepest respect.)

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  1. I’ll never get used to dead children.
    I don’t know what else to say, either.

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