Your random language thought for the morning:

A slip of the finger could transform an odometer, which measures distance travelled, to an odimeter, which measures the intensity of hatred.

A Google search on “odimeter,” however, only returned a handful of people who misspelled odometer. There are apparently no plans to market such a device, perhaps from lack of consumer interest.

On a completely different, note, the Supreme Court today refused without comment to hear a key case on medical marijuana, letting stand a ruling of the 9th circuit court of appeals that doctors may discuss its use with their patients without fear of reprisal. This was unexpected, as both sides had expected the court to take the case; the decision is likely to be interpreted as agreement by the court that the right of physicians to dispense medical advice supercedes the right of the federal government to make health policy. (Which is how the DEA phrased their case) The fact that nine states have independently passed laws to this effect may have had some impact as well.

OK, back to work for me…

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  1. Lack of consumer interest? You could sell odimeters to paranoid people who want to find out once and for all whether their friends all secretly hate them.
    They’d probably be useful to people running focus groups, too. Get an objective measurement of exactly how much the public will hate a product.

  2. is it 4:20 yet?

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