I am now the owner of an ice cream maker.

I also now have a list of experiments planned. Maple, several flowers (esp. Jasmine), fresh spearmint and peppermint (to be served together, sitting in chocolate shells), port wine, smoked salmon (to be served sitting inside half an avocado, together with very thin toasted slices of baguette), cucumber sorbet (to be served in the middle of a bowl of gazpacho), sundry fruits (maybe apple sorbet floating in some real apple cider? i.e. the good very dry Bretagne variety, not the artificially flavored shite they’ve been selling in the supermarkets lately…), nuts and spices (Hazelnut, nutmeg, clove & allspice, and so on) and so on…

This will be fun.

Those of you in the area may be unexpectedly dragooned into acting as guinea pigs for various of these, at various times in the near future.

Also, on a completely different note: the band ‘Paris Combo’ is excellent. French jazz with lots of Spanish and Gypsy influences. Highly recommended to anyone who likes any of those categories.

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  1. Sounds delicious – most of it.

  2. Aww yeah. Count this little piggie in! *squee*squee*

  3. Yum!!

  4. Only you could turn an ice cream maker into a tool for devious experiments.
    (I think we have an ice cream maker tucked in the back of one of our cabinets, that we acquired along with our couch (it was a package deal), so if you needed extra equipment we should be able to provide. I’ve never used it, though, so I can’t guarantee anything.)

  5. smoked salmon ice cream? bleaaaaaaaaah.

  6. Paris Combo
    Did you see Paris Combo last weekend? I saw them at Little Fox theatre in Redwood City. Very nice show.
    (This is Mark, the guy you interviewed for a job at Google today!)

  7. it does sound good.
    I have to agree with gaaneden… Most of it sounds excellent. Too bad I’m still in Colorado.

  8. I bought an ice cream maker last month. Making frozen treats is addictive. I currently have four tubs of random homemade frozen desserts in my freezer.
    Maple syrup works really well for flavor. Yum.

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