I just received spam with the subject line “Juicy, plump, chubby girls!”

Unfortunately, I deleted it before thinking to check whether they were offering porn or cannibalism.

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  1. Which would you rather? *grin*

  2. Well, the sauteed John Dory that was dinner last night has probably sated the latter appetite, so I think I’ll go with the former for now. :9

  3. Heh. OK. [censored thought or two]

  4. Alas, it was porn.
    I got the exact same email and caught a glimpse as I was selecting it for deletion. 😉

  5. I worry that my first response to this was “Huh, that’s a valid question.” rather than to scream in fear and scroll away from the post. 😉

  6. *snort!!*
    Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything when I read this post. Jeez… this sort of thing ought to come with a warning label!

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