Strange dreams…

Dreamt that Google had decided to become a biotech company, and I was assigned to “think of something interesting and do it.” I ended up working on sunflowers with a couple of other people; it was pretty neat. Even better was the brawl later on when some woman decided to start spraying everyone in the area with ham extract – I missed most of the melee, since by the time I got there the cops were carting people off, but a good, somewhat violent time was had by all.

Yes, this is odd. On top of this, I seem to have woken up with a pagan/Christian fusion song stuck in my head – “Magna Mater Dolorosa.” Not sure where that came from.

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  1. If I ever forget why I like you, I’ll just have to read this post again to remember. :}

  2. *LOL* Spraying people with ham extract? Sweetie, what did you eat last night?

  3. The question is: Can anyone think of good lyrics to follow “Magna Mater dolorosa, iuxta Roma lachrymosa…”?

  4. The thing is, I’m suddenly glad I don’t know Latin, otherwise I’d be spending the next few hours trying to figure that out.

  5. Hopefully, nothing that involved aerosolized ham extract. 🙂

  6. stultae, non hic balognosa!

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