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So half an hour of sitting and futzing with the piano has produced a pretty neat cadenza for the end of Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2. (Based rather loosely on some notes of Chopin that are reproduced in the back of my edition of the music, together with a rather unhelpful explanation in German, which – after deciphering it with the aid of a German-speaking friend – turns out to be almost completely incomprehensible in any language.)

And I just realized that it’s only 9:30, so I can spend some time working more on this without waking my neighbors.

BTW, if anyone’s been trying to reach me over e-mail today – my e-mail server seems to have been mostly down since this morning, so I haven’t gotten any messages. No, I’m not ignoring you. 🙂

So – back to the piano with me! Wahahaha!

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  1. Oh, hey, I’ve been meaning to ask if you might have an hour or two some time to spontaneously let me pick your brain about academia and Stanford and PHD-acquisition. Online’s ok but in person would be better for speed of communication in short time. I can totally buzz over the hill for coffee or whatever even. Socializing but with a set goal of stuff I want to learn from you. Ping me if you’ve got a slot?

  2. Well, I’m pretty free this weekend. Wanna get together sometime then?

  3. Ok. I can be free Sunday after breakfast club, (after noon + travel time over the hill) I think. Does that work for you?

  4. (Saturday night it’s supposed to frost so I need to deal with my plants down here, but if you’re up for coming down, that’s an option too.)

  5. (and you could crash on the guest couch and FINALLY go to breakfast club with us if you went with that one)

  6. (It’s a couch that has a bed inside, that is, not just a couch.)

  7. As of now, my schedule is pretty flexible, and I don’t mind driving, so either option sounds good. Do you have a preference? (And should we continue this over e-mail, now that my e-mail seems to have magically started working again?)

  8. OK, OK, you’re convincing me. 🙂 But I’m going to need coordinates to your place, since I think I haven’t been there before.

  9. Yeah, I’d rather keep my address off of the public internet. 🙂 Email my LJ address, it’ll get to me. Or should I just email yours? Or jump on Y! if you can. I’ll pop you an email with my addy & we can work from there.

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