I am, I confess, a geek.

Just got back from an excellent company holiday party, held in the Computer History Museum. Apart from the general party itself (which had much to recommend it – food, music, interesting people, a trampoline) there were the actual exhibits.

This place is simply neat. I need to go there again sometime and look at things more carefully – they’ve got an amazing collection of everything from an Altair 8800 to pieces of ENIAC to the first CDC6600 to a whole array of bizarre things Apple has built over the years. (The 20th anniversary Mac, a Lisa, a 128k, a PowerBook 170 done entirely in primary-colored plastic especially for a Japanese golf tournament…)

They also, oddly enough, have the very first computer I ever had a UNIX account on. Not one of the same model – the computer itself.

Hmm. I wonder if my password still works on it… 🙂

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  1. This is why we love you so much. 🙂

  2. My favorite thing about Computer History Museum
    is that it’s in the building that used to be SGI’s HQ.
    Irony, we love thy sting.

  3. Re: My favorite thing about Computer History Museum
    Nah, it was just their international sales office. Their HQ is the complex that Google is moving into right now, down the street.
    Yes, this is in fact a Doomed Company.

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