Whale oil beef hooked….

For once, something possibly good on a political front. From an unexpected source.

Apparently, yesterday Israeli defense minister Shaul Mofaz was on the radio in Iran, taking live questions. (In Farsi) The questions and the answers were… unexpected. Summary here.

I have no idea what to think, or say.

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  1. Iranians look to Israel and the United States with hope that they will free Iran of its oppressive regime.
    Yet another example of how the events of the world are distorted by a sensationalistic media.
    Is the world truly a bad place? Is crime truly rampant and on the rise? Do the Iraqis truly hate Americans and look forward to American withdrawal? Do all muslims hate Israel and the US?
    Good news is no news. And people forget that.

  2. I agree.
    I submit, however, that the world is a bad place. And yet, I really don’t see it as being any worse than it has ever been… people not only tend to dwell on adversity, they also tend to forget just how bad or not so bad past adversity has been. Therefore, every time something new and negative comes up, it seems like a trump card for whatever came before, when in fact, it’s likely not that much worse.
    That would be news to some people, I imagine.

  3. “I submit, however, that the world is a bad place. And yet, I really don’t see it as being any worse than it has ever been”
    I tend to agree, but the difference is that now the stakes are much higher. These days one man could end the world if they were in the right place. Unless you’re paying attention to subtleties, you’d never know it was coming either. And moreover, the amount of damage each of us can do without even thinking about it has been increased. A single example, when you were drunk in the 1800’s and you drove home, the worst you could do would be to confuse your horse and get lost. Now you can kill people.
    Don’t get me wrong though, I think the media makes stories out of nothing more often than not. (What are the odds that the most dangerous thing in the news is exactly identical to the topic of the movie of the week, each and every time? “Is your home safe from giant squid attack? Tune in at eleven!”) I also believe that they use fear as a marketing tactic, but until people stop watching, they’re going to keep doing this kind of thing. That’s why the Daily Show is my main news source. (Ok, ok, that and NPR.)

  4. Hi Yonni, Catherine here. Interesting post. The problem is, Iran’s policy of nuclear weapons-as-deterrent works. I hate to say it, but the US/USSR build-up kept the Cold War cold for 50 years.
    However, the policy only works if Iran is truly threatened by an equally armed and hostile nation. Is Isreal such a threat? The US? If anyone knows for sure they aren’t telling. And without an equally armed opponent, Iran looks like they are building up to be the next bully on the block.
    The fact that ordinary Iranians seem to be far less belligerent than their leaders is only slightly comforting. Pardon my cynicism, but I’ve seen too many conflicts forced upon the common man by those in control irregardless of the people’s wishes.
    Sorry for the grumpy mood, especially at this time of year. My fervent hope is for a just and lasting peace in the Middle East. Perhaps Mr. Mofaz’ interview accurately represents views of average Iranians that the mullahs will have to take into account when forming their policies.

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