We live in a strange world.

From Reuters: TV ratings for State of the Union have slipped. Apparently 30% fewer people watched this year than last, because without a war brewing it just wasn’t as dramatic.

I’m always glad, for one, to know that our wire services are keeping such careful track on television rating numbers and what they mean for politics.

(Depressingly enough, of course, these numbers do mean something for politics – or at least, they do now that they’re publicized and being discussed.)

And on a different note, also from Reuters, the rabbi Shlomo Eliahu of Tzfat (one of the old hearts of cabbala, and to this day a thriving center of rabbinical thought) has composed a new proposed standard prayer for surfing net.pr0n.

No, I’m not kidding.

Well, at least it’s topical and relevant in our day and age…

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  1. *hides the Book of Lists, gulps and giggles*
    Don’t know about the attention span of a duck, I’ve never attempted to engage one in a conversation! 🙂

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