The lord’s our shepherd, says the psalm…

So the founder of Pakistan’s nuclear program, A. Q. Khan, was just fired from his post as a high-ranking adviser and placed under house arrest amidst increasing evidence that he was personally involved in the sale of nuclear technology to a number of fairly dubious states, such as Iran and Libya. (“Increasing evidence” such as “his sales brochure with his picture on the cover”)

As a side note, Khan is revered as a hero in Pakistan for being the person to give his country the bomb (mostly by stealing the techniques from Germany, but that’s neither here nor there), and this is part of Pres. Musharraf’s attempt to bring various radical elements under control, including another directive issued a few days ago to get his generals to use more aggressive means to bring terrorist elements in the Pashtun hinterlands near the Afghan border under control.

I would not sell Musharraf any life insurance right about now.

The more interesting question is, how will things unfold if/when he’s gone?

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  1. – but just in case, we better get a bomb. Who’s next?
    Wow, don’t think I’ve ever seen Tom Lehrer quoted by anyone under the age of 50 in a long damn time.
    Nice to see another fan, or at least someone else who knows some of his lyrics.
    Not to detract from the political analysis, but I’ll admit it was the TL ref that caught my attention.
    By the by, I got here by way of ‘s journal, in case you’re wondering who the F I am.

  2. Re: – but just in case, we better get a bomb. Who’s next?
    Really? Among more or less all my friends it’s a given that if someone quotes or partially quotes a line, it’s going to end with several people singing, typically very far off-key. 🙂

  3. Re: – but just in case, we better get a bomb. Who’s next?
    Mixed blessing then – friends who are retro-hip, but who can’t sing and insist on doing so anyway.
    What better type of group for Tom Lehrer? 😉
    Found this a while back, enjoy:

  4. Re: – but just in case, we better get a bomb. Who’s next?
    That’s neat! Although it would be better if it also showed them on the periodic table. (If I remember correctly – and it’s been a while since I checked this – he missed one)
    But I must also confess, I’ve never heard the word “retro-hip” applied to my group of friends before. 🙂

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