Lunatics. All of them.

So Focus on the Family, a political group headquartered out of Colorado Springs, has issued a statement about the recent South Korean research on stem cells, describing it as “nothing short of cannibalism.” (news story)

(1) I am, once again, embarassed to be from the same state as these idiots.

(2) It’s a fscking blastocyst. The South Korean group has found a way to manufacture a large volume of cells from any donor starting from cells from that donor. It uses a denucleated egg cell from another donor as a component. I fail to see the moral difference between this and taking a skin scraping and culturing it in a petri dish.

(3) “Nothing short of cannibalism” sounds like an excellent motto.

Footnote: I suppose this is a good place to quote Dr. Keuntz from Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death:

This is war! The battle between the sexes! Anything short of cannibalism is just beating around the bush!

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  1. Dinner order. Most certainly a dinner order.
    “And your order, sir?”
    “Yes, I would like the ‘Nothing Short of Cannibalism’, medium-rare, and a side caesar.”
    “Very good sir. Any wine with that?”
    So, what would that be? Meat-of-the-day entry? Any animal flesh goes, short of human flesh?

  2. Silly Conservatives!
    Oh my goodness! You’re right! If we develop cloning, then we’ll have to ban the cheek scrape experiment in Biology class — those are thousands of potential humans you’re smushing under that cover slip! (and we won’t even go into the ramifications of French kissing …)
    Don’t they know that Cloning doesn’t consist of eating babies? I guess you could say since the Scientists haven’t actually used the stem cells for anything yet, they were just playing with their food … or something.

  3. While I attended CC, I was aware of (and occasionally involved in) no less than four distinct midnight missions to go masturbate on the FotF lawn. Ahh, good ole town/gown relations.

  4. If we follow the above train of thought, wouldn’t that amount to mass murder?

  5. Well, I was imagining more,
    “And your order, sir?”
    “Nothing short of cannibalism! And a side caesar.”
    “Very good, sir. Any wine with that?”
    Hmm. I wonder what wine goes with that.

  6. Er, yeah, I was reading that wrong. Nothing short of cannibalism. Bah.
    I would guess red wine. But then I do not know anything about wines, so no real idea. Mostly I just say red because it seems appropriately . . . bloody.

  7. *twitch*

  8. Ah yes. You were thinking of the Anything short of cannibalism, which I believe is only on the Lunch menu.

  9. You’re welcome! *curtsey*

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