No matter how many computers you happen to have, the absolute minimum you need in order to get your work done is at least 50% greater.

I can confirm that this law continues to scale quite effectively over several orders of magnitude. I cannot (publicly) confirm precisely how many.

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  1. *nod*
    I can offer independent verification of this law.

  2. If you ever leave and are reduced to a normal person’s allotment of ordinary PCs…
    At least your new job is keeping you too busy to contemplate building some sort of particle accelerator in your living room…

  3. A friend of mine is building the worlds largest computer right now… ::sigh:: Although it’s more of the parallel processing variety than what I think you’d need…

  4. No, parallel is quite nice. Very, very parallel. 🙂

  5. We’ll have to talk, sometime. 🙂 Although I’m not sure if google would want to afford it….

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